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Using Algolgie and Fleur De Mer products from Brittany, France these natural and organic products contain pure sea algae reknown for their remineralising, healing, nourishing and hydrating properties. Results driven facials delivered with spa inspired techniques suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive of skins. All our products are available for purchase though at no time will you be pressured into buying.

Serendipity Spa Facial $98

Relaxing, balancing, rehydrating and remineralising. Your skin is plumped and healthy looking. Customised to your skin type.

Remineralising Facial $109

For skin suffering from external aggressions, this facial will oxygenate stagnant tissue increase blood circulation and restore the skins proper levels of of minerals, and vitamins. Skin becomes clear, radiant and balanced.

Intense Hydration Facial $109

For skin that is dry and unable to maintain proper levels of hydration,  this facial will replenish both the moisture and oil to the skin by re-establishing the inter-cellular cement of  the skin. It increases the skins elasticity and boosts the skins energy leaving it nourished and repaired.

Elite Marine Facial $109

A “shock” treatment for alleviating deep wrinkles, fine lines and loss of skin tone. This facial focuses on restructuring the skins Collagen and Elastin fibres to firm slacken skin and provide a virtual “lifting” of the skin

Lift and Lumiere Facial $109

Using the latest Biomarine Technology for bright luminous skin that reflects good health and youthfullness. Strengthens hydrates and oxygenates to eliminate toxins while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

Enzyme Vitamin C $109

A powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidising treatment that leaves your skin brighter with visible lifting. Perfect if you skin is sun-compromised.

Anti-aging Eye Treatment $60

This is an intensive 5 step programme to hydrate, soothe and nourish the delicate eye area. Fine lines are temporarily eased, dark circles and puffiness reduced. Great before a special occasion or add onto your desired facial for $35

Teenager Express Facial $60

A facial for younger women to deep cleanse, soothe and aid in breakout control.

Medical Grade Facials

Collagen Induction Therapy (micro-needling)

A professional only treatment. A natural alternative to IPL, CIT builds collagen and elastin while enhancing penetration of active stem cells, peptides, vitamins and cell growth factors. Instant and long lasting results for skin rejuvenation - improved skin texture, tone and colour. Plumps and firms skin, softens wrinkles. For best results a course of 6 is highly recommended one month apart

$169 per treatment

Ultrasonic Facial 

A quick deeply relaxing treatment using Ultra Sonic Energy that tightens and lifts the face contours while pushing your prescribed serum 2000x deeper through the skin layers. Aids in natural skin shedding, cellular response and eliminating of toxins through the lymphatic system.  Approximately 20 minutes

$240 Course of 6 (once per week for 6 weeks) payable in advance
$30 Add on to your desired facial


A relaxing go-to treatment to remove peach fuzz and the dead outer skin cells to improve dull skin, leaving the skin immediately smooth and vibrant

$40 Add on to other facial treatment


I specialize in returning your skin to optimal glowing health before your special day

Consultation                  $45.00

(includes  mini facial for correct skin analysis, treatment programme, dietary advice and stress management advice)

No obligation or pressure.

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